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You’re committed to healthy mind and body. So are we. Whatever your sport or activity, it’s part of who you are. It’s not a “sometimes” thing with you. You experience the intricate connection of mind and body health. Your training, your sleep, your diet and your supplements should help you maximize mind, body and gut health.

We have one clear task: deliver the best nutritional supplements possible. That means naturally derived, USP-quality ingredients; dosages that promote peak health and products that support mind, body and gut health.


Every supplement and nutrition product we create is from highest-quality, high-potency ingredients. Nature is the best healer, so we only source naturally derived ingredients. We never compromise on quality.

No added GMOs, wheat, gluten, rye, oats, corn, barley, soy, yeast, egg, sugar, dairy, sulfates, phosphates, preservatives coloring or flavoring. We truly believe we provide the best nutritional supplements.


We research, design, formulate and test our supplements and nutrition products for peak health, not “average” health. All of our supplements are naturally-derived products and incorporate USP-quality ingredients that work in a synergistic way to help optimize mind, body and gut health.

Meet the Doctors Behind Mind & Body Research

scientifically engineered health supplements for your Mind & Body

Dr. Hank Liers Mind and Body Active Research

Hank Liers, PhD

Before scientifically engineering health supplements for Mind and Body Research, Dr. Hank Liers was a physicist. He is our leading Scientific Advisor and is considered one of the world’s foremost nutritional supplement designers. Dr. Liers has formulated and managed production of more than two hundred nutritional products during his career. In addition to his work in research, development and quality control of our nutritional supplements, Dr. Liers is an active educator to medical professionals, athletes and those seeking optimal health.

Over thirty years ago, through a deeply personal event involving the health of his wife, Dr. Liers turned his full attention to health and healing. With his decades of scientific background Dr. Liers incorporates a complex systems approach, from a perspective of mind, body and spirit wellness.

Dr. Richardson Mind and Body Active Research

David Richardson, M.D.

A true multi-faceted, David Richardson, M.D. is Chairman of our Advisory Committee and is actively involved in numerous facets of our Company. While earning a bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude) in nutritional biochemistry, he was a competitive bicycle racer on both sides of the Atlantic. After years of racing he earned his medical degree, all the while continuing to compete in activities ranging from marathons to triathlons to powerlifting. Today Dr. Richardson is a competitive archer, competing in events across the country along with his fulltime medical practice.

As both a competitive athlete and physician Dr. Richardson has a unique perspective on the role of nutrition for peak mind and body health. His wealth of experience and knowledge is critical to our mission of providing you the highest quality nutritional supplements possible.

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